Areas of expertise

Since we are members of the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) and have the expertise for the presentation of financial statements under IFRS standards, we can prepare audited financial statements for public and regulated private companies who must submit their financial statements to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) with a fast and personalized service at very competitive costs and tailored for SME clientele.

The Association of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) also recognizes us as tutor, since 15 years.

Nonprofits organization (NPO)

  • Our group works with nonprofits organizations since more 25 years. Our expertise enables us to support board of directors that are faced with specific and often complex issues.
  • In addition, directors are accountable to donors and government authorities.
  • New regulatory standards require careful management and rigor in their trusteeship. Our expertise as auditors and consultants allows us to make recommendations on an annual basis to senior management.
  • We have a continued growth in the clientele from the non-profit sector organizations.
  • Our clientele includes fifty clients among associations, foundations, professional orders, CPE, residential cooperatives and community aid agencies.

Financing search

To better help you identify and obtain the best financing option for promoting the growth of your business, our team is able to help you determine the best strategies and opportunities available to you and advise you in process applications for funding from banks and other financing companies, including:

  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation of applications for immigrant-investor loans
  • Negotiation with companies of corporate venture capital
  • Loans on equipment

Tax disputes resolution

Our team can work closely with you to ensure a rapid and efficient resolution of tax disputes. We can assist you in negotiating with tax authorities and our expertise covers all aspects of processes related to resolution of tax disputes, including:

  • Support for the preparation and management of tax audits
  • The preparation of notice of objection
  • Negotiating with the various levels of government
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Etc.


Simplify your life and maximize your tax credits for R&D.

Our collaborator Gestion Multi-Pro inc. is a company dedicated to the recovery of tax credits granted by federal and provincial governments for scientific research and experimental development (R&D).

Our team consists of experienced professionals from engineering, information technology , sciences and taxation.

Range of our interventions:
  • Identify projects eligible for R&D;
  • Confirm eligibility according to the criteria of the program;
  • Collaborate with internal resources of the company and write the scientific report;
  • Compile eligible expenses;
  • Prepare tax schedules;
  • Meet with the tax authorities if necessary to help the client make his case;
  • Establish a claim process, logbook, documentation and timesheet.

To assess whether your business qualifies for scientific research and experimental development (R&D) tax credits, contact us for a free diagnosis

R&D indices in your company

Wages and salaries are often one of the biggest expenses for a company. However, among the reimbursement rate allocated by the R&D tax credits program, wages invested in research and development are those who benefit from higher rate of reimbursement of up to 80%. This is sometimes enormous inputs of money for a company that makes R&D, even occasionally. This cash can then be invested as you want. In other words, taking advantage of tax credits for R&D gives you an unparalleled competitive advantage. For more information see below the rates of reimbursement of expenses and investments in R&D.

Deductible expenses for R&D

  • Wages and salaries of employees directly involved in research and development and social benefits (holidays, vacations and bonuses paid to unspecified employees);
  • Subcontractors to whom you have entrusted research and development for your account;
  • Materials which have been used in experimental studies;
  • Rental of material dedicated 90% or more to R&D;
  • Overhead R&D (traditional or proxy method).

Combined credit rates

Eligible expenses Percentage of combined return
(federal and provincial)
Wages and salaries R&D 80,37
Subcontractor R&D 40,1
Materials R&D 35
Rental equipment R&D (more than 90% for R&D 35

NOTES : Total consolidated assets exceeding $ 50 million, prior consolidated taxable income of $ 500,000 or lower
             Reduction of credit for prior taxable income between $ 500,000 and $ 800,000

We serve companies in various technological sectors

Machine Shop Paper industry
Food products Asphalt Industry
Medical equipment Software
Biotechnology Chemicals
Electrical and electronic Robotics
Green energy  

Gestion Multi-Pro Inc. is able to give you personalized service, no account opening fee, performance-based fees, project study at your workplace.