Review Engagement



Annual financial statements printed on accountant’s paper and accompanied by a review engagement will give much more credibility than financial statements produced from your accounting system. The accountant will make sure the information presented in financial statements is consistent and that it is produced in the right standard format.

Besides, review engagement allows you to verify the consistency of your financial statements even though their accuracy and the completeness of the information provided are not enabled. The report emitted by our experts will allow you to be able to make business decisions according to the results observed and make forecasts to plan your company future activities.

This kind of report is particularly used by SMEs due to its low cost, allowing for a great quality-price ratio.

However, keep in mind that in a review engagement, the accountant doesn’t provide any assurance about the reliability of the financial information as he didn’t prepare a review engagement report or auditor’s report.

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What is a review engagement?