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Certifications that ensure the quality of your financial information

Our assurance professionals rigorously and objectively verify your financial information to help you make informed decisions based on reliable information.


Professionals attentive to your needs

Whether it is an accounting audit, a review mission or a notice to the reader, our professionals adapt their services according to the size of your company and your needs.

Verifications based on current standards

Rest assured that your financial information and special reports comply with the most recent standards and that our certifications are carried out with care and rigour.

Increased credibility with your business partners

Take advantage of the recognized expertise of MTA CPA inc to increase the confidence of your business partners and future clients in your financial information.

More than 40 years of accounting experience

Our accounting firm has been providing services and advice to entrepreneurs throughout the South Shore of Montreal for over 40 years. Your time is precious, don't waste it filling out accounting or tax paperwork, but focus instead on growing your business.

Do you need answers, advice or strategies?
We will be able to answer your most specific questions and correct the most complex situations.

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A team of professional accountants at your service

Our certification and outsourcing team offers you personalized services at competitive prices and advice on accounting data, whatever your field of expertise.

Our team of professionals

Firm recognized as a company tutor

Financial statements produced in accordance with IFRS standards

Member of the Canadian Public Accountability Board

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