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Bookkeeping and accounting


Bookkeeping refers to the registration of income transactions and monthly expenses while ensuring to respect existing fiscal and accounting rules. For example, it is important to make sure that salaries are calculated properly and that remittances are delivered at the right time. Also, sales taxes must be transmitted and input tax credits must be claimed properly.

These are only few examples as bookkeeping includes a lot of small tasks. These tasks allow to produce a high quality financial information, made in a right amount of time in order to maximize decision-making.

Why requesting our services?

Saving your time. As an entrepreneur or CEO, your agenda is probably full and you have many important things to deal with. Calling Massie Turcotte will allow you to save a lot of time in order to increase your productivity and focus on your main activities and operations.

Benefiting from a specialist’ expertise. Assigning your accounting to one of our competent and qualified experts means highly reducing the risks of committing mistakes that will make you lose time and money and make sure to have an up-to-date and available bookkeeping at the right time. Our team of dedicated accountants has more than 10 years of experience in this field and makes sure our clients respect the deadlines required by tax authorities.

Using the best technologies. Using our services will also allow you to avoid acquiring costly accounting programs. Besides, you won’t have to worry about saving your data or acquiring required licences, as all of this is already included in our services.

Depending on your needs, our cabinet will :
- Completely undertake your accounting
- Simply provide you with the necessary periodical assistance for your business bookkeeping, payroll management and compliance to the many legal and governmental requirements.

Here are some examples of jobs among many that we can accomplish with and/or for you:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Staff training
  • Implementation of an accounting system
  • Monthly bank reconciliation
  • Filing your taxes (TPS-TVQ)
  • Payroll services
  • Preparing forms, Statement 1 and CNESST
  • Calculate tax benefits (car, etc.)
  • Tax return for individuals (resident and non-resident)
  • Tax return for self-employed
  • Scenario for personal taxes (projection)
  • Financial projections for funding (business)
  • Preparation of ROE
  • CCQ reports preparation
  • And more

Our Certifications


We are members of the Canadian Council on accountability and our company has the expertise to produce financial statements according to IFRS standards. We are also recognized as training supervisor which allows us to have a competent team that can meet your needs.

Did you know

Since its founding in 1981, our group is committed to providing our customers with personalized service from experienced people and in the shortest time possible, as well as provide expert advice on current accounting and tax data.

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